PlusQuip Test equipment videos

Find the must have test tools to solve your diagnostic needs from PlusQuip
OBDII Black Box Recorder – PlusQuip EQP-104.
This ultra-compact all-in-one data recorder is extremely useful for those difficult to diagnose intermittent vehicle electrical component faults on vehicles supporting OBDII system.

Wheel Speed Sensor and Circuit Tester – PlusQuip EQP-111
Wheel Speed Sensor and Circuit Tester. PlusQuip EQP-111 is the quickest, most comprehensive Wheel Speed Sensor diagnostic tester available. This Automotive Wheel Speed Sensor and Circuit Tester is the quickest way to verify proper wheel speed sensor operation.
◦Works on all old and new style wheel speed sensors

Electronic EGR, Throttle Body & Actuator Tester – PlusQuip EQP-115
Save time & money by testing the component first!
The PlusQuip EQP-115Tester is capable of accurately driving both DC and Pulsed Width Modulated (PWM) components on today’s complex vehicles from 0 – 100% to accurately test operation.

PlusQuip Test Probe videos

PlusquipEQP-016 Ignition Quick Probe – Coil Over Plug
– KV and ARC Tester with Variable Sensitivity

EQP-017 Ignition Quick Probe – KV and ARC Tester

EQP-025 Electronic Fuel Injector Probe

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