Texa Nano

Navigator_nano_SNavigator nano is the most evolved self-diagnosis device for cars and light commercial vehicles fitted with OBD sockets

The Navigator nano is a new miniaturised self-diagnosis device for cars and light commercial vehicles.

The advanced miniaturisation techniques used have allowed TEXA to reduce the tool size and weight by more than 85%, compared with a traditional solution, whilst leaving depth of the diagnosis potential unchanged.

The Navigator nano belongs to a new generation of devices characterised by three key elements:

  • reduced dimensions: increased practicality due to reduced size and ergonomic form, the Navigator nano plugs directly into the 16 pin diagnosis socket;
  • wireless: providing Bluetooth communication to the Handheld or PC display with power from the diagnostic socket, the technician can work freely around the vehicle;
  • self-diagnosis for cars and light commercials: the TEXA IDC4 operating software provides diagnosis software and information for a comprehensive range of vehicles and systems.

axone4mini1The Navigator nano has been developed according to the TEXA philosophy of two-unit diagnosis, to provide practical and versatile solutions, and can be used with a range of TEXA display units: AXONE 4, AXONE Direct, and AXONE Pad, these characteristic allows the technician to gain the maximum benefit from their diagnostic tools, reducing the time required to complete the repair process.

Nano_Plug carThe Navigator nano operates in conjunction with IDC4 software, the TEXA operating platform that combines diagnosis potential with a database of supporting information. The technician in fact has a whole range of additional information at his disposal, such as wiring diagrams, technical data sheets, component sheets and bulletins, specifying the correct procedures to assist in repair the most common failures. If the workshop has an internet connection, it can access the “Solved problems” search functions powered by Google and the TGS2 vehicle system scan.